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ProZ.com Newsletter: March 2017

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(1) Translation News roundup for March
(2) Jhumpa Lahiri on her translation of Domenico Starnone
(3) "Lord of the CATs" or "Pride, Prejudice and Proofreading"?
(4) Are you looking to work more for direct clients?
(5) Have you tried using ProZ.com on your phone?
(6) The ProZ.com SecurePRO™ program
(7) Advertisement: NYU School of Professional Studies
(8) Upcoming powwows

(1) Translation News roundup for March

ProZ.com Translation News is one way of staying up to date on what is happening in translation, language, and technology (note the Oxford comma! You may have already read about that in the news this month. If not, read on!). Here are some highlights of news items from March:

Translation / Interpreting
* Jhumpa Lahiri talks about her translation of Domenico Starnone’s "Ties"
* How do Star Wars movies get dubbed? It's not as straightforward as you might think
* Netflix introduces Hermes, a platform for screening its translators

* Why don’t we write words the way pronounce them?
* The comma that was missing, went to court, and changed the outcome of a case...
* Dictionaries are making a "comeback", thanks to social media
* Interview with the linguist behind the film "Arrival"

* IBM reaches a new record in speech recognition
* New bots can learn to chat in their own language
* Computers are getting better at recognizing authors by their works

* Translators without Borders: winners of 2017 Access to Knowledge Awards announced
* Warwick Prize for Women in Translation 2017: open for submissions starting April 3rd
* In the Albertine Prize: readers' choice for best contemporary French fiction translated into English, voting is open until April 30th.

See all this and more translation-related news at http://www.proz.com/translation-news/

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memoQfest, Kilgray’s conference on translation technology returns 7-9 June in Budapest, Hungary with thought-provoking presentations from key industry personalities, and great networking opportunities.

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(2) Jhumpa Lahiri talks about her translation of Domenico Starnone’s "Ties"

Jhumpa Lahiri is an author, Pulitzer Prize winner, and the translator behind the recently-published English version of Domenico Starnone's "Ties".

"As the translator of 'Ties' into English, I too have had to break open a formidable container: the container of Italian. For many years I have searched within that box, trying to piece together a new sense of myself. My relationship to Italian incubates and evolves in a sacred vessel I hold dear. My impulse has been to guard it, to not contaminate it.

Then I read 'Ties' when it was published in Italy, in the autumn of 2014, and fell in love with it. I had not yet translated anything from Italian to English. In fact, I was resistant to the idea. I was immersed in Italian, in a joyous state of self-exile from the language (English) and the country (the United States) that have marked me most significantly. But the impact of this novel overwhelmed me and my desire, as soon as I read it, was to translate it someday."


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(3) "Lord of the CATs" or "Pride and Prejudice and Proofreading"?

If a freelance translator's life were to be a literary work, what would the title be? Many voted for "A Home Office With a View" and "A Midsummer Night's Deadline", with "Nearly 100 Years of Solitude" and "The Rates of Wrath" following closely behind. Perhaps oddly, very few chose "Celsius 232.778" as the best title. And several participants in this quick poll came up with some great titles of their own. Share yours in the discussion thread:


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(8) Upcoming powwows: UK, France, Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Canada

30: Edinburgh, UK (30 members) http://proz.com/powwow/6226
31: Nantes, France (2) http://proz.com/powwow/6286

1: Birmingham, UK (19) http://proz.com/powwow/6245
1: Cardiff, UK (7) http://proz.com/powwow/6304
3: Debrecen, Hungary (8) http://proz.com/powwow/6298
5: Geneva, Switzerland (5) http://proz.com/powwow/6275
8: Skopje, Macedonia (FYROM) (2) http://proz.com/powwow/6308
8: Modena, Italy (10) http://proz.com/powwow/6266
9: Barcelona, Spain (3) http://proz.com/powwow/6296
11: Sheffield, UK (1) http://proz.com/powwow/6305
21: Hamburg, Germany (4) http://proz.com/powwow/6301
22: Haarlem, Netherlands (1) http://proz.com/powwow/6295
23: Aventura, US (8) http://proz.com/powwow/6257
27: Sligo, Ireland (4) http://proz.com/powwow/6289
27: Brampton, Canada (2) http://proz.com/powwow/6268
29: Oakland, US (2) http://proz.com/powwow/6313
29: Prilep, Macedonia (FYROM) (5) http://proz.com/powwow/6310

6: Krakow, Poland (2) http://proz.com/powwow/6284

Full list of powwows (including those after Mar: http://www.proz.com/?sp=event/powwow_board&r_id=581

Thanks once again for reading. I hope your April has as few showers as possible, yet enough to bring those May flowers.

Happy translating,

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