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Practical Usage of Regular Expressions An introduction to regexes for translators

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Posted by: Anthony Rudd

ISBN: 9781985752924
Author: Anthony S. Rudd
Edition: Hardcover
Pairs: անգլերեն
Broad fields: General
Publisher: Amazon (CreateSpace)
Price (approx.): SD 35


Practical Usage of Regular Expressions for Translators shows that there are many practical uses of even simple regexes for tasks such as ensuring consistency (quality assurance), automating conversions, etc., in particular in conjunction with translation workbenches such as memoQ and SDL Trados Studio.

Regular expressions (regexes) have acquired the unwarranted reputation of being difficult to learn, and so not worth the casual user (in particular, non-programmers) taking the effort to learn how to use them. The book disproves this prejudice with an extensive worked example in the Introduction that provides a gradual and graduated introduction to (and explanation of) all important regex concepts.

The first part of this book describes the basic regular expressions, with many illustrative examples and explanations which makes it ideal for regex novices. The second part shows the practical use of regexes with memoQ and SDL Trados Studio. To make the book easier to use as reference, “Useful regexes” and “Syntax summary”, are provided as Appendixes.

Although this book concentrates on the use of regexes in a translation environment, the basic language elements (and examples) apply to all Microsoft® .NET®-based environments, indeed, most regex engines.

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