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In order to determine which proposed source texts are the suitable for use in contests, proposers and participants are encouraged to "highlight" (like contest entry tagging) and discuss proposed source texts. A good contest source text should pose a reasonable challenge to translators, while allowing for "separation". Refer to the "Propose a source text" overview page for all source text proposal guidelines.

excerpt from Nazarat

Today, a cat mewing woke me up at dawn. She was sitting next to my bed and rubbing herself before me persisting doing this in a weird way. I suspected her and I was concerned. I thought, “Perhaps, she is hungry” I stood up and brought food. She ignored it. This time, I thought, “Perhaps, she is thirsty” I guided her to water source. She did not care. Instead, she started staring at me in a way revealing her sorrows and pains. I was severely impacted to the extent I wish I were King Solomon* to understand her concerns and needs to ease her grief. I saw her watching my room’s closed door for long time. She was following me as soon as I approach it. Then, I realized her intension; she wants that door to be opened. I took my speed to open it for her. As soon as her eyes spotted the outside void and saw the sky, her sorrow turned into euphoria and pleasure. This made her run loose freely. I returned to bed and rested my head onto my hand. I started pondering about the cat. I admired her and wondered, does this cat comprehend the meaning of freedom? I wondered, does she fall in sadness when she loses it, and feel relieved in finding it? Indeed, she knows what freedom is. All her sorrow, crying and abstention to eat due to her lost freedom. All her begging, asking, and rubbing were nothing but her seeking her own freedom.

* According to Islamic belief as stated in the Quran, King Solomon – or Sulayman in Arabic, God granted him the skill of talking to animals and understanding their language.
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