Advanced Train the Trainer

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Topic: Business of Translation and Interpreting

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Duration: 60 minutes.

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Summary:Become a successful and effective trainer online and in-person with Konstantin Kisin! Learn how to present popular and practical courses with one of the best trainers in the industry.
This webinar offers an introduction into the world of online and in-person training.

Topics covered will include the psychology of communication, keeping the audience engaged and entertained, advanced presentation skills, voice coaching, tips for delivered powerful and inspiring material powerfully and in a way that inspires others and managing your own internal state.

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On-demand course Train the Trainer

On-demand course Advanced Train the Trainer

Target audience
Anyone who wants to become a powerful and engaging speaker.
Learning objectives
You will learn to:

- Speak with your true voice
- Present with power and confidence
- Overcome nerves and performance anxiety
- Handle criticism and objections
- Engage and open up audiences to your message
A desire to learn
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Price: 50.00 USD

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Konstantin Kisin    View feedback | View all courses
Bio: Konstantin Kisin is a highly successful legal, financial and video games translator. Since joining in 2004, he has made full use of the website to propel his business to new heights and build long-term relationships with clients and colleagues. A regular contributor to on the business side of translation, Konstantin has extensive training in the psychology of communication and human behaviour. Sharing his attitude to doing business with his customary passion and enthusiasm, Konstantin's mission is to assist freelancers the world over in establishing professional relationships with clients, making more money, working less and having more fun.