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A Plea for Freedom

I woke up this morning at dawn at the sound of a meowing cat by my bed, rubbing herself against me and begging me in a weird way. I was bewildered and worried about her and thought that she could be hungry, so I got up and got her some food; however, she left it and turned away. I wondered whether she was thirsty, so I directed her to the water but she didn’t care about it and gave me looks that spoke of all her pain and sorrow. Her demeanor affected me so much that I wished I was Suleiman and understood animal language to comprehend her plea and relieve her of her distress. The bedroom door was locked and I noticed that she kept on looking at it and rubbed against me whenever I went in its direction, so I understood what she wanted – to open for her the door. I rushed and opened it. As soon as she saw the open space and looked at the face of the sky, her grief turned into joy and her anxiety into cheerfulness and immediately set off on her way. So, I went back to bed, laying my head in my hands thinking about this cat and wondered about her thinking to myself, O by my poetry, doesn’t this cat understand the meaning of freedom and anguishes for losing it and enjoys having it? She fully understands the importance of liberty and her abstaining from food and drink was merely because of it. Moreover, her beseeching and pleading and rubbing and urging was only in pursuit of obtaining it.
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