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 »  Articles Overview  »  Technology  »  Hardware and Operating Systems  »  Running Idiom Desktop Workbench on Windows 8
 »  Articles Overview  »  Technology  »  CAT Tools  »  Running Idiom Desktop Workbench on Windows 8

Running Idiom Desktop Workbench on Windows 8

By Pieter Beens | Published  02/14/2014 | CAT Tools , Hardware and Operating Systems | Recommendation:
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Pieter Beens
անգլերենից հոլանդերեն translator
Անդամ է դարձել՝ Jun 1, 2011-ին։
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Idiom Desktop Workbench is a free CAT tool, previously developed by Idiom. At a certain time in the past SDL, developer of CAT tools like Trados Studio, acquired Idiom. From that time Idiom Desktop Workbench was called SDL Idiom Workbench.
As a CAT tool Idiom Desktop Workbench is mainly used by software localization companies. They use the software because projects, translation memories and terminology databases are relatively straightforward to create, manage and distribute. Idiom Workbench is not very complicated. That's at least because the software is not very feature-rich: translators can create a project and add TMs and TBs in one window, afterwards they can start the project.
Projects in Idiom Workbench are handed off as xlz files. These files contain one or more files for translation, where possible pre-translated. The files should be exported before delivery to the client.

Download SDL Idiom Workbench free
As a translator I am not sure why localization companies should use SDL Idiom Workbench: there are much better alternatives for software localization, which are sometimes free too. However, if I am required to use SDL Idiom Workbench, I will do so.
I recommend you to do the same: there are workarounds (see below) but they do not work.

Let's come to an end. So far I discussed SDL Idiom Desktop Workbench and a workaround on Windows systems.
The reason why the CAT tool does not work on Windows 8 operating systems is that it requires .Net 1.1 to run. That .Net version has been superseded long ago. Microsoft currently works with .Net 3.5 and newer.  .Net is outdated and therefore not installed on newer Windows systems.
When you install Windows 8, the operating system will install some files on the background that prevent .Net 1.1 from running. Theoretically Idiom Workbench will never run on Windows 8.
However, don't stop reading. I've good news! Software developer Aaron Stebner developed a tiny tool that will clean up all those files that prevent .Net 1.1 from running. you can download the file, Dotnetfx Cleanup Tool, here.

Here is how it works:

  • Download the file here

  • Extract the zip file

  • In Windows 8, press the Windows key + F

  • Click on 'Run'

  • The Run dialog will show

  • In this dialog, put in the next italic code: cleanup_tool.exe /q:a /c:"cleanup.exe /p .NET Framework 1.1

  • Hit Enter

  • Ready!

Note: if you extract the zip file in a particular folder, you should add the path to the folder in front of cleanup_tool.exe then, like in C:\User_Name\Path\to\Folder\cleanup_tool.exe /q:a /c:"cleanup.exe /p .NET Framework 1.1.
The software will run in the background. If it's ready (within a minute), you should install SDL Idiom Dekstop Workbench Done!

Please note:

  • I did not experience any consequences of running the tool. Aaron Stebner nevertheless warns for some caveats. I would therefore recommend you to make a backup or system restore point right before you run the tool.

  • I am not responsible/accountable for any errors that can occur.

  • Software towards is linked in this blog article is protected by copyrights from their respective owners.


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